How to Know that Free Software Download Website is Safe

How to Know that Free Software Download Website is SafeOf all websites in the internet, there are countless harmful websites that can put your computer along with the date in danger. One of the harmful websites is free software download website. How to identify if a website is harmless then? There are three tools you can use to check a website’s reputation.

– Read the Web of Trust
The first tool you can use to find out whether a site is safe or not is Web of Trust or MyWOT. This tool is a browser extensions, API, and mobile app that can help you check whether a particular website is safe before you visit it. By using this tool, you can have cleaner and safer browsing environment.

Apart from making your online surfing safe, another reason of why you should use this tool is that it is not only free, it is also fast and easy. The add-on from this tool will not slow down your browser. This tool is a simple way to secure your browsing experience.

– Find Out the URLVoid
The second tool you can rely on to identify whether free software download website you are visiting is safe or not is URLVoid. What is URLVoid? It is an online service that can analyze a site thru a couple of blacklist engines. Besides, URLVoid also has online reputation tools that can help you detect malicious websites and fraudulent.

Therefore, to make sure you can go online without any harm, use this tool. You don’t need to pay anything to enjoy the service. Even more, URLVoid has now expanded more gTLDs such as .bid, .review, and many more.

– Understand the MCAfee SiteAdvisor
The third tool you can use to make sure the website you are visiting is safe is McAfee WebAdvisor. This tool can keep you safe wherever and whenever you go online. This tool even can protect your personal info that you input on a web or when you are downloading files.

McAfee Site Advisor even has a feature named SecureSearch that colors the sties you are visiting to help you identify which sites are completely safe and which are not. Even more, if you use McAfee WebAdvisor, you will get lots of features. They are Misclick Protection, Typo Protection, Safer Downloads, and Security Check. Therefore, surf online safe by protecting your computer using this tool.

So, how to know the free software download website we want to visit is safe? Easy! Use myWOT, occupy URLVoid, and include McAfee SiteAdvisor. They are easy to use and of course simple!

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