Two Free Software Download Website with The Highest WOT Trustworthiness

Two Free Software Download Website with The Highest WOT TrustworthinessSurfing online is an enjoyable activity. We’ve got plenty stuff like website to visit and to get benefit from. One of the benefits from a website we may get is free downloadable software. So, what free software download website have you tried so far? Is it safe? Is it considered trustworthy by WOT? If you are not sure, just head to these following websites:

– Ninite
Leave your not-so trustworthy website to download software if you are not sure whether you are at a safe website. You can try Ninite to download any software you may need. The reason why you should try this website is because this website has WOT Trustworthiness of 94%, which is very high or even the highest among all. Having high WOT Trustworthiness value means you are guaranteed to be safe when you are doing any activities at the website.

If you don’t know Ninite, it’s simple: this is a kind of website presenting and providing you with some lists of programs that you can always select to download. Once you select the program, you will download the custom installer file in which the bundles of the programs are in. Once you get the bundles, you can directly install the programs to your computer. The process of selecting, downloading, and installing are very simple and time saving.

Free Software Download Website with The Highest WOT Trustworthiness– FileHippo
THe second free software download website that has high WOT Trustworthiness is FileHippo. Not only is this website considered safe by SiteAdvisor, this website also has WOT Trustworthiness of 93%, which is also one of the highest WOT Trustworthiness value.

The website is a popular site that can offer its visitors with more than 20,000 active programs. Although there is plethora of downloadable programs, you don’t need to worry about spending long time to find the program you need because all of the programs are broken down into 16 categories that can be accessed through Mac, Windows, and Web. What is more, this website also offers a program called Update Checker. This program can help you scan your computer system and then compare all the programs you currently have to find out if there is program that needs updating. In short, this program makes sure that the programs you have right now are all up-to-date.

Ninite and FileHippo are all what you need to be safe in the internet. Don’t risk your computer system for the sake of getting free programs. Trust these free software download websites and stay safe!

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