Recommended Free Software Download Website with Perfect URLVoid Rating

Visiting free software download website is always great. We can always have new software that can be downloaded for free. Some of the software are even always updated, making us get the newest edition of software. If you visit this kind of website often, make sure that the websites have great URLVoid Rating like the following two websites:

Recommended Free Software Download Website with Perfect URLVoid Rating– Softpedia
If you are looking for safe website to download computer programs, you can go to Softpedia. This website has URLVoid Raing of 25/25, making it a free software download website that is super safe. The safety of this website is also supported by the verdict of SiteAdvisor saying that this website is completely safe.

Softpedia is one of the largest file hosts in the internet. This website has more than 850,000 files in the database. What is more, this website has hundreds of software or programs that are updated daily. So, by visiting this website, not only will you get malware-free and clean programs, you will also get the most up-to-date software as they always update the programs as timely and recent as possible.

Another aspect of the website that makes it one of the recommended is that this website classifies those downloadable programs into several tabs. The classification surely makes the search of the program you need easier. There are special tabs of Windows, Linux, MAC, Games, Drivers, and Webscript.

Free Software Download Website with Perfect URLVoid Rating– Major Geeks
The second recommended and safe free software download website is Major Geeks. This website also has perfect URLVoid Rating, which is 25/25 and SiteAdvisor Verdict of Safe. This means that you can always stay safe whenever you are at the website.

Talking about the feature of this website, you may find it a little bit like websites in the 90s. However, Major Geeks has been one of the most reputable sites for downloading software for more than 15 years. Being reputable for those years mean that this website always provides great service for the visitors.

If you happen to visit this situs judi online website, make sure you check the feature of Top Freeware Picks. This feature is a good place to start exploring the website. Then at the left sidebar of the website you can find many highly-rated programs that you may need.

Softpedia and Major Geeks are all what you need. They are complete, recommended, and definitely safe. What else can you wish a free software download website to have? Go pay them a visit!


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One Stop Free Software Download Website You Should Try

The demand of updating computer programs sometimes needs completing soon. However, when we do need to update our computer programs, we sometimes cannot find all the new versions of the programs at the same free software download website we are visiting. If that happens to you, you may not yet know the following one-stop download website:

Ninite– Ninite
If you buy a new computer, you will have a long list of the computer programs that need installing. To fulfill that need, go visit Ninite. This website is a one-stop download website at which you can get a whole bunch of tools and utilities in a single visit. At this website, you can get more than 80 categories of software such as media players, browsers, photo images, security tools, office productivity suites, utilities, and much more. Pick any software you want and you need and let Ninite do the installation that needs downloading and running.

File Hippo– File Hippo
Another option of one-stop free software download website is File Hippo. This download website has every single computer program you can think of. File Hippo has lots of software offered to its visitors that can be easily found in 18 categories. Some of the software categories are anti-virus, file sharing, compression tools, photo imaging, and office productivity. Having those 18 categories, File Hippo seems to guarantee that every visitor only needs to visit its website to fulfill all their needs of computer programs. What is more interesting from this website is that there is a list of ‘Top 10’ most popular software downloaded. By checking on the list, you will know what is becoming ‘a thing’ at the moment.

Why visiting multiple free software download website if you have those one-stop download websites? Stay updated but save your time. Go visit those websites and get all things you may ever need for your computer.

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Free Software Download Website with Useful Software to Download

Getting software online for free feels great. How can it be the opposite if we can enjoy a service without sacrificing a single penny? However, of all free software download websites in the internet, do you know which ones to choose? Go check the following two websites at which you can down useful software for free!

FileHorse– FileHorse
The first free software download website you should try is FileHorse. This website may not be a website with a massive software repository. However, you should not belittle the software that you can download from the website. This site put its focus more on providing the most useful and the best software or programs.

In addition to that, although the number of downloadable programs at the website is not a lot, this website can make sure that all of the downloadable software are free and clean from any viruses and malware. This website has WOT Trustworthiness of 91% and URLVOid Rating of 24/25. Meanwhile, the assessment from SiteAdvisor Verdict has said this website to be safe. Therefore, this kind of website is surely a kind of online place where you can have many alternatives of popular computer programs.

To give you some examples, the downloadable software at FileHorse website are: FIreFox, Opera, Java, Flash Player, Malwarebytes, Anti-Malware, Super, HitmanPro, AIMP, iTunes, Spotify, and Audacity.

Snapfiles– Snapfiles
The second free software download website that you shouldn’t miss is Snapfiles. This website is very recommended because it has WOT Trustworthiness of 90%, URLVoid Rating of 24/25, and is considered safe by SiteAdvisor.

Similar to FileHorse, this website also doesn’t high number of downloadable programs. However, there is something special about this website that you can make most of from. This website is also known as “Daily Freeware Pick”. This feature of the website enables you to see daily recommended programs to download. This feature is highlighted on the website’s home page. Check the feature daily to get some new and useful utilities and tools.

Some examples of programs that you can download for free at Snapfile website are DSynchronize, WYSIWYG Web Builder, and SearchMyFiles. Whenever you want to download a program, you can see how each program is rated by both editor and users.

Now that you already know which websites to go, you don’t need to waste time visiting random websites offering free downloadable software. Go to those free software download website and claim the programs you need.

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Recommended Free Software Download Website for Your Windows and or Mac

Be it for a brand new computer or a daily update, we always need a place at which we can download the most up-to-date programs. However, not all websites provide free software to be downloaded. So, what free software download website we can visit to update our Windows and or Mac?

the best programs for your Windows and Mac– SharewareonSale
One of the recommended free software download websites on which you can rely for updating your Windows and Mac is SharewareOnSale. This download website is one of the best because it offers both free and premium software. What is more, this download website provides lots of discounts for the paid programs.

Of all programs that can be downloaded at the site, both the free and the paid ones, are available for your Windows as well as Mac. To find out what software is offered for free, you need to visit the page. At that page, there is a complete list of software that can download for free and of course that you can try.

Furthermore, when you visit this website, not only can you see the best software to download, you can also find the ratings of the downloadable software. The rating will surely help you a lot in choosing the recommended programs. Make most of the feature so that you can get the best programs for your Windows and Mac.

Giveaway-Club– Giveaway-Club
Next, we have Giveaway-Club. This website is popular among free software download websites because this site offers many software for free for both Windows and Mac. Even more, this site offers the licensed software for Windows. This is surely a treasure of the website. However, the Windows-licensed programs are downloadable with no technical support and are limited for one or two days only.

In addition to those plus sides, another thing that makes this website great is the categorization of the free downloadable software. All the programs are grouped into 3 categories which are Mac, Games, and Windows, all of which ease the users to find their necessary software quickly. So, when you think you need to download software at this website, find the options, and grab the program easily.

In conclusion, whenever you think you need to visit a particular free software download website, go visit one of those two sites above. They surely will not let you down as many people and users have proven them to be the best among all.

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The Mother of Free Software Download Website

The Mother of Free Software Download WebsiteHaving personal computer or laptop is not merely about updating the hardware but also software. That’s why, the need of free software download website is high. PC users need to keep updating the computer programs they have so that the programs can help them more. If you too do need that kind of website, why don’t you try these following mother of download websites?
The first mother of all free software download website is This judi bola website is one of the oldest of all and was founded around fourteen years ago. is possessed by CNet, one of the biggest company that has often been mentioned great in the Technology News and Products online review.

This website has computer software repository that is so huge and all of the programs are provided for all platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux, and even mobile applications. Moreover, has applications that are web based. has more than 100,000 shareware, freeware, as well as try-first downloads to offer, giving you countless software options to work with your PC or laptop. What’s more, the downloadable programs at the website are all reviewed and rated by editors.

ZDNet Download
You need another option of mother of free download website? Go head to ZDNet Downloads. The directory of ZDNet Software is deemed the biggest web library of computer program downloads.

All the programs provided at the websites cover all platforms like Mac, Windows, and also Mobile systems. The directory of this website is the best resource for every technical software you may need. All the downloadable software are both Shareware and Freeware.

If you need new software, don’t go anywhere but visit those two mothers of free software download website. They have every software more than you could ever need for your computer. Enjoy those free download websites!

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How to Know that Free Software Download Website is Safe

How to Know that Free Software Download Website is SafeOf all websites in the internet, there are countless harmful websites that can put your computer along with the date in danger. One of the harmful websites is free software download website. How to identify if a website is harmless then? There are three tools you can use to check a website’s reputation.

– Read the Web of Trust
The first tool you can use to find out whether a site is safe or not is Web of Trust or MyWOT. This tool is a browser extensions, API, and mobile app that can help you check whether a particular website is safe before you visit it. By using this tool, you can have cleaner and safer browsing environment.

Apart from making your online surfing safe, another reason of why you should use this tool is that it is not only free, it is also fast and easy. The add-on from this tool will not slow down your browser. This tool is a simple way to secure your browsing experience.

– Find Out the URLVoid
The second tool you can rely on to identify whether free software download website you are visiting is safe or not is URLVoid. What is URLVoid? It is an online service that can analyze a site thru a couple of blacklist engines. Besides, URLVoid also has online reputation tools that can help you detect malicious websites and fraudulent.

Therefore, to make sure you can go online without any harm, use this tool. You don’t need to pay anything to enjoy the service. Even more, URLVoid has now expanded more gTLDs such as .bid, .review, and many more.

– Understand the MCAfee SiteAdvisor
The third tool you can use to make sure the website you are visiting is safe is McAfee WebAdvisor. This tool can keep you safe wherever and whenever you go online. This tool even can protect your personal info that you input on a web or when you are downloading files.

McAfee Site Advisor even has a feature named SecureSearch that colors the sties you are visiting to help you identify which sites are completely safe and which are not. Even more, if you use McAfee WebAdvisor, you will get lots of features. They are Misclick Protection, Typo Protection, Safer Downloads, and Security Check. Therefore, surf online safe by protecting your computer using this tool.

So, how to know the free software download website we want to visit is safe? Easy! Use myWOT, occupy URLVoid, and include McAfee SiteAdvisor. They are easy to use and of course simple!